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Retinal Tears & Detachment

A retinal tear occurs when the vitreous gel, which fills the inside of the eye, pulls away from the retina, creating a tear. If the tear is along a blood vessel of the retina, bleeding into the vitreous gel may result, causing a shower of floaters and/or flashes.

Retinal tears pose a significant threat because fluid can enter through the tear under the retina, causing retinal detachment. Similar to wallpaper peeling from a wall, the retinal tissue can develop folds or come completely away from its proper position along the interior of the eye, resulting in loss of vision.

Warning Signs

Retinal tears and detachment present the following symptoms:

Floaters: These are small specks that float inside the eye. Floaters may look like gnats, threads, or cobwebs and often go unnoticed until they drift into the line of sight.

Flashes: These are seen as quick bursts of light, often resembling lightning bolts. They may be seen in conjunction with floaters.

Curtains / Veils: The onset of a dark shadow over a portion of the vision may be an indication of retinal detachment.

Correcting Retinal Tears & Detachment

Our ophthalmologists offer today's most innovative treatment methods to correct retinal tears and detachment. They can correct retinal tears using advanced laser surgery, which seals the retina to the back wall of the eye. Laser treatment causes little or no discomfort and offers a rapid recovery time.

If more advanced surgery is required, our doctors will recommend the most appropriate one based on your individual needs. Their innovative surgical capabilities include scleral buckling, pneumatic retinopexy, and vitrectomy.

Please visit our interactive patient education library to learn more about advanced eye care.

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